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19 January 2014

target="_blank">The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post Meme is hosted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and here you can read the official rules.

It is a chance of book bloggers to look at the past week and to look ahead at what’s coming next week – your reviews, book news or anything else you feel you want to share with the book blogging world.

And, of course, a chance to connect with other bloggers, maybe discover a new blog and connect with friends.

My news this week

I am a new blogger, I started my blog at the beginning of 2014. What did inspire me to start up a book blogging blog? Well, my love of books of course. I’ve been a bibliophile ever since I came out of my local library when I was about 10. I still remember how overwhelmed I was, the buzz I felt and how I skipped home happily with the books in my hand. Now my family just roll their eyes when I disappear into a book shop. My main motivation to start the blog was to keep a log of the books I read. There must have been too many to count over the years, and I don’t want them to slip out of my memory. As I read many different genres, that’s what you will find on my blog, and also books which may be not very current, in fact they might be books that have been reviewed a thousand times. But as with many of you, my TBR pile is huge and there are many books who were bestsellers years back which are in this pile! I also read a lot of non-fiction relating to my interests (mainly languages/travel) so will review those as well.

I also like discussions on book related topics, so please see this weeks discussion on writers and alcohol

I have discovered 2 amazing things since starting blogging:

  1.  There are an amazing amount of book bloggers out there – wow, and everyone is very welcoming and happy to connect with likeminded people.
  2.   I actually enjoy taking books out I read a while ago and review them now – it’s (a little bit) like re-reading them.

This week has been mainly about networking for me. I’ve had blogs before relating to my other interests, and my teenage children told me that I will ‘need’ a twitter account, so I’ve done that as well and I’m still a little bit bewildered by it I have to confess.

My reviews this week

Coming next week

1.     The Profession of Violence - The Rise & Fall of the Kray Twins by John Pearson

2.    Spring Collection by Judith Krantz

3.    Emily by Jilly Cooper

4.    Motherless mothers by Hope Edelman (non-fiction)

5.     A Practical Guide for Translators by Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown (non-fiction)

            6.  Celebrity Blood by Nathalie Suteau

7.    discussion on book magazines in the UK

Hope to see you all on The PegsterReads. Thanks.