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11 January 2014
So, I've worked around on the template a bit. I'm not good with the technical side of blogging, in fact the only thing I do know about html is that it is something to do with computing. Lots of reading on appropriate blogger help sides later, uploading several different templates and some messed my blog up completely… finally, I found one I like and which did work. …  Few things I still don't understand (why is my Top Navbar gone to the side and how can I get it back arrrgh!, why can't I find a 'find me on….. goodreads, Facebook, twitter…. widget???)

Most of my book reviews at the moment are taken from my old blog,  I've only polished them a bit. Initially, I only started my blog to keep a track of the books I read. The more I looked into it, the more I was amazed at the huge world of book bloggers out there. I'm thoroughly enjoy getting to know all the different sides of it and, apart from reading of course, mainly do the networking thingy at the moment. There seems to be so much more out there since I first started blogging a few years ago, it's a bit confusing tbo. It used to be easy to just simply 'follow' a blog. Now there are also networkblogs, google+ followers, twitter followers. Me in the middle trying to untangle it. See you all, somewhere on those sides, with a book in my hands (or an e-reader of course).