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31 January 2014

I See You
Gregg Hurwitz
Publication Date
11 June 2009
Thriller, Suspense, Crime

Drew wakes up in a hospital bed. A detective is standing over him with a crime scene photo - a particularly gruesome photo, showing the blooding dead body of a woman. And than his world falls to pieces, as the detective tells him that he is in hospital recovering from a brain haemorrhage, and that whilst suffering a seizure brought on by the haemorrhage he murdered his ex-finacee.  His current girlfriend does not want to know him any more. Drew does not know any more what to believe, and cannot even trust himself. Did he or didn't he do it? He sets out to solve himself what 's happened by writing everything down in a story. But whatever he tries to find out more information, he gets the feeling that someone is trying to frame him. 

In retrospect, this was the first book I ever received for review (knowing nothing about book reviews at the time0. My husband was working in a big chain books store at the time, and this book was given to the employees as a 'new author's book'. DH is not too much into crime fiction, so gave it to me. Well, I really did enjoy it. Some of the reviews on Amazon are not too good, stating it is too confusing, but I did not think this to be the case. I did find it an engaging read, and yes, it drags a bit at the beginning and speeds up towards the middle/end,but isn't that true for many books. As with many of my favourite books, the main protagonist is , once again, a writer. Writers write about what they know best - writing. But here we have a good plot and also a surprise ending. What more could I want from a good, entertaining read.