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12 January 2014

Fear Nothing
Dean Koontz
Cemetery Lane Publications
Publication Date
Suspence, Mystery Novel

The hero in this story is Christopher Snow. He suffers from a medical condition called xeroderma pigmentosum. This means his skin and eyes cannot be exposed to sunlight. The book therefore pretty much plays out at night, in a small seaside town called Moonlight Bay. Walking his dog in night time and complete darkness when no-one else is around, Christopher starts to see strange going-ons and all kinds of weird characters emerge which become more and more threatening.  It becomes apparent that they may take over the town and Christopher cannot any longer just watch but needs to do something. But first he needs to find out what the story is behind those strange happenings - are they supernatural or are they explained more scientifically? All this in true horror style, and the story moves along quickly. Christopher is a very likeable hero and I certainly feared with him.  There are flashbacks to the past, and apparently there is a Koontz called Watchers where he references to in this book, however, I never read said Watchers, and it will not effect your ability to understand this story at all - it is stand alone. A story about fear and about courage to move away from paths walked.