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30 January 2014

Lust, Money & Murder
Mike Wells
Mike Wells
Publication Date
18 Jan 2014
Thriller, Suspense

I have read Book 1, first part 'Lust' of this series.

We meet Elaine, how is brought up by her doting dad who puts her through private school. Elaine only learns later that he's been involved in a bit of crime to be able to afford the expensive fees for the school. As a naive teenager, Elaine becomes the victim of a scrupulous model agency who fleece her of all her money. They return her money when she complains, but it's all fake money. This has tragic consequences for Elaine and her beloved dad and eventually leads Elaine to join the secret service. She soon makes a name for herself as an expert in counterfeit money. 

One of the passages I would like to pick out for this review is when Elaine decides that it is time to lose her virginity:

Elaine's first three sexual encounters were like the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The first one was too hot, the second one was too cold, and the third was just right

Made me smile…What happens next for Elaine is probably what many of us have experienced one way or another :) 

One character to look out for (even if only in a very minor role) IMHO is Luna Faye, who is Elaine's martial arts instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre. Luna is feisty ( I like feisty women), harsh but with a heart of gold and plenty of good advice for Elaine.

It is obvious that a lot of research has gone into this book in regards of the operations of the secret service and money printing.This is a very fast-paced book, it goes straight in there and continues fast with the story being told without ever stalling or without laborious descriptions of scenes/peoples which are not necessary and in some cases, so I feel, only added as padding. Not here. Not needed. We still get a very good picture of the people involved, the author has a knack for building and showing a character without having to resort to lengthy descriptions. 

I did at this stage not get the subsequent books but the only reason is that I still have a lot of book to be reviewed at the moment. It was a very enjoyable read. As of today, Book 1 is still free on Amazon: