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30 January 2014

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted Coffee Addicted Writer
Every week a different question is posted for you to answer. Come in and join us.

This is how it works:

1. Answer the question on your blog

2. Go to Coffee Addicted Writer and put your link to your post on the Linky list.

3. Now have a look at the other blogs who have posted their links. Maybe comment on their answers (on their blogs), spend some time on their blogs and maybe join / become a member.

Perfect way really to get to know other bloggers :) I love this meme because it is so simple.

Here is today's question:

When you receive new books in the mail, do the older ones get moved to the bottom of your list or do go strictly "by the book" and keep your list with older books first and then the new ones?

and here is my answer: 

I read strictly first received - first read. I've made an Excel list so I don't get lost with the books I've received since being a book blogger. 

For my hardbacks/paperbacks, they are in my bookcase and I will have a fit if anyone changes the order arrrrgh :) The whole system got a bit messed up since I've now got a Kindle. And I did allow myself to pick a book which I was really looking forward to reading ---wait for it-- from the back of the shelf (!!)--- for a holiday.

As a new book blogger, I have not yet taken place in book / author tours, but hopefully will do soon. If I do, than I can obviously see the need that a book will need to be read at a certain time. Also, if I ever get to the stage to receive ARC, I think they would be obviously to a certain time constraint? Don't' know. Haven't thought about this one yet.