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23 January 2014

The next holiday can't come quick enough!

I usually try to travel to a different destination every time, simply because there are so many place to see. But I just love Mallorca. From the UK, it's only 2 hours on the plane, and the Island has something for everyone.

But this isn't a travel review, so….
Marco Polo UK
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travel guide

 I bought this little handy guidebook prior to my first trip to Mallorca and found it very useful. It's small enough to fit in your handbag and has everything I would want to have from a holiday guide.

It starts off with an introduction to Mallorca's history and cultural heritage - well worth reading. And I'm not talking about a dry essay on Spanish history, but a few pages which I found very informative. As with all Marco Polo guides, there is a brief section to introduce food /drink (i.e. local specialities) and shopping guide (again, local souvenirs you can look out for). The main section contains guides to all main areas of Mallorca and the main resorts, but as the whole island is covered, every resort, town, area etc can realistically only get a smallish mentioning. So I think it will still be necessary to research the actual resort / town you are going to (maybe online), as this guide can only give basics on each resort, for example 1 or 2 restaurants and attractions may be mentioned, but of course there will be more and detailed insider information of course can't be given an every resort.

In the back section, there are trips and tours, advice on sports and activities, travelling with kids, festivals and events, links etc, travel tips (money, weather, public transport), useful phrases.

The guide has an excellent full pull-out map tucked neatly in the back contained in a plastic wallet, which will be essential if you intend to rent a car.

My recommendation is to read this handy little in the plane on your trip there. I found it excellent value for what you get.