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9 January 2014

Snake Oil and Other Preoccupations
John Diamond
Vintage Digital (ebook)
Publication Date
2001 - ebook 2009
medicine, biography

Not an easy read...and not something I would normally pick up. In fact, I am a bit of a hypochondriac and prefer not to read about the big C.  It came as a 'freebie', and I generally try not to restrict my reading, so I would give almost everything a go.
John Diamond is the author of this book and a profilic journalist and broadcaster in the UK. He was also the first husband of Nigella Lawson, and said to be the driving force behind her beginning TV career. John Diamond, terminally ill with cancer, actually dies before he was able to finish his book on 'Complimentary medicince' of which he writes critically about - it is fair to say he is not a believer in complimentary medicine. His brother-in-law writes the foreword, and also includes as the 'second part' of the unfinshed book, John's columns from several UK newspapers (The Times, The Jewish Cronicle etc). He tells the 'story' of his cancer - how he gets first diagnosed, thinking it is probably nothing etc, to the treatments and eventually having to face death. Of course, it is sad to read, but also gives out vibes of a very positive person.