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5 March 2014

The 2 day diet
Dr Michelle Harvie and Prof Tony Howell
Vermillion London
Publication Date
Health, Diet, Lifestyle

When reviewing a health / diet book, I think it is important to distinguish between the review for the book (ie. is it easy to understand / scientifically explained / recipes etc) and a review of the actual diet (did I do the diet / is it do-able and most importantly - did it work)

Here is a review of the book contents:

Diet two days a week, Eat normally for five.

The basis of this diet is that you should stick to very low calories and restricted amounts of food for 2 days, and for the rest of the week, you can eat … well, not everything you want, but what is considered a healthy diet. 

The book starts of with explaining the obesity crisis etc and gives a detailed description of the science behind the diet program offered and why it works. I find this actually really good and that makes it stand out for my from other diet books I have read.  It explains why it is considered a very healthy lifestyle - long term and short term goal. Than the actual diet is explained -> how to do the two restricted days and what to eat (mainly protein, dairy and veg), and how/what to eat on the 5 unrestricted days. There are further chapters on 'moving more' (the type you actually find in any diet book), how to stay slim once you reached your target weight and also recipes. Appendixes show exactly what food and how much of it you can eat. 

What I found very good were case studies and 'your question answered' at the end of chapters. I found the book very clear written and the science certainly sounds convincing. Once you read yourself through it, your are ready to go. 


Ok, and since you are reading this review I presume you would like to try a dieting programme and would like to know: Did it work for you?? and the short answer is : No. While the book is very clear and well written, I found it to hard to stick to and too restrictive and not liveable for a full time working woman with 3 children and a house to run. Exactly how much one can eat of everything was a bit confusing.  Also, I didn't always have that much protein-based food stuff in the house (with 3 hungry teenage boys!). Saying all this, my (single and unattached) work colleague has been doing it and lost weight for a while but than also gave up. But she says if she would ever go on it again she knows she would lose weight again. Long sigh……..