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6 March 2014

Today is World Book Day. It's celebrated here in the UK mostly in schools and the aim is, of course, to encourage children to read! Usually, children would dress up as a book's character. Also, every child gets given a voucher for £1 to spend on a book - and many of the big book retailers have specially produced small books for £1 on sale (I remember getting The Gruffalo and similar children's book for my lot when they were little). Brilliant idea and I think it should be much much more publicised. 

Now comes the slightly shocking part (?Or is it). I've just watched a TV 'Good Morning Programme' (oh the joys of having a few days off and not being in the office!!) and The World Book Day was discussed. The presenters attended a school and showed the children all dressed up as Harry Potter, Hermione, Little Red Riding Hood etc. And than it was said that apparently:
  • 40% of children don't know that Harry Potter started life out as a book
  • 60% don't know that James Bond is based on a book
  • 16% didn't know that Winnie the Pooh didn't start as a TV cartoon series.
Shocking? Hm, not sure. Unfortuntely, I can't find the research online to back this up and get some more info. Maybe it's not necessarily a bad thing and it will encourage children to read if they enjoyed the movies? They than had a mother and her young boy on the programme (the boy maybe about 8 years old). Mother said that she would only allow him 1hr a day on the playstation, and makes sure that he reads books as well. Cut over to the boy and he said ..all cute: "Well, I just enjoy playing games more, books are so boring." Than they had author Lauren Child on the programme. She is the author of a children's books series called 'Charlie and Lola'. She said that when she was little, the big discussion was that TV is killing books, but really, both now exist together and have their own place in society. 

Coming back to 'books to movies' - I have to confess that there are quite a few movies where I didn't know there were books in the first place (Forrest Gump, Catch Me If You Can). uhh oohh should I even admit to this? I will probably prepare a post of movies I didn't know where books which is a whole new topic all together.

Have a great day everyone.