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4 March 2014

Loving Heather
Alex Carlisle
sold by: Amazon Media
Publication Date

YA, student, romance, university life

So, who is Heather? My first thought when I picked up this book. 

The book has 2 different 'Point of Views' which I always find interesting and engaging in a book. First we have Greg, his story is given via a 3rd person narrator. I took to Greg straight away (I have teenage sons who are currently in a very similar position in life). Greg's life is about to change. He is heading for his first year in University to Cardiff. Though throughout the story we do learn a bit about his academic ambitions, for Greg now Uni life is about 3 things: girls, girls, girls. And who can blame a teenage boy? Greg's story is honest … his first time with a girl … nice and not so nice experiences, and his growing confidence. Fresher week, parties, alcohol, more alcohol and even more girls. 

The second point of view is given through diary entries of a girl whose name is revealed much later in the book. She has spend the summer travelling with one of her fellow students and now the two girls return to Cardiff Uni for their second year. Both girls will meet Greg and their life will intertwine and the story, without giving too much away, than takes a bit of a turn into stalking and obsessions.  

If you are a teenager going to Uni, this book is for you. I think it would also be a fab read for anyone wanting to re-live their fresher week in Uni and parents of teenagers approaching this point in their life. Of course, being teenagers, there are bedroom antics (and not just the bedroom of course) and plenty of it… so not aimed at under 16's as there are descriptions of sexual scenes. As a mother of teenagers, I sometimes wanted to close my eyes/ears etc in a way that we think : No, I don't want to know what my children do in the bedroom department aaargh! But, dear children, we parents do know, of course :)

The underlying message for teenagers is a very encouraging on: Hang in there, you'll get there. It's not so much written in a comedy style a la American Pie or The Inbetweener's, but more like an honest account of their experiences and how they deal with it… and very entertaining it is for us, the reader.

Coming back to Greg, despite all his antics, I still have the feeling that he will grow into a responsible adult.

So, who is Heather? Read it and find out. 

I purchased this eBook.