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29 March 2014

I've found this in a book I've had from the library (Opening the book by Rachel Van Riel and Olive Fowler - see my Review of this book). 

So, what kind of reader are you? Or is it not possible to define us readers in that way?

Below passage is copied from the book:

The Thrill Seeker

wants the page turner, the gripping yarn, possibly with an element of horror or the supernatural. They like situations outside their own reach or experience - blizzards, plagues of giant locusts, submarines, the jet set of life. They want a white knuckle, roller coaster read, hanging on till the end of the title. They need to experience real fear and tension in a controlled environment. They will get through it in big chunks, often reading late into the night to finish it.

The Stressed Out Reader

feels temporarily fragile; perhaps because of pressure at work or recent illness They are looking for a safe read which won't expose them to huge extremes of emotions. They like attractive settings and contained environments; adultery in provincial towns, a legal thriller, a nostalgic sense of community. The read will be spiritually soothing, with an undemanding, level pace. Stressed out readers want a comprehensible narrative which doesn't jump about too much, set in an understandable world with characters they can relate to and a satisfying solution. They like to know where they are with it and to be able to pick it up and put it down as the mood takes them.

The Avid Reader

who'll have a go at anything i the addict who will read the back of the timetable or a label on the jam pot if there's nothing else going. They feel naked if they haven't got a book and are likely to have more than one book on the go at a time. They don't like to have preconceptions about a book, they want to just get into it and see what it's like. Avid readers might not always finish a book but will never give up easily. You might see them reading anything from a light thriller to a contemporary experimental novel. If they enjoy a book by a particular author, they are likely to read everything by the same author in one fell swoop. They have a big reading appetite, with a broad taste.

The Self-Protective Reader

doesn't want to invest an effort which won't pay off, so they need to be sure they'll get what they want from a book. They are more likely than any other kind of readers to have a favourite genre. Self-protective readers can't wait till their favourite author has a new book out and will already have their name on the list for it at the library. They won't be fobbed off with imitations and are convinced that no other kind of book will deliver exactly the right buzz. They probably read less than they might because they are waiting for new titles from established favourites.

The Ambitious Reader

has limited time for reading and wants to make the best use of the time they've got by spending it on something worthwhile. They are always on the lookout for a book that will give them depth of insight and the excitement of a different perspective. They choose a ore stretching read even if it lies unopened beside the bed for months afterwards. When they finally pick it up, they will persevere because the rewards can be so great. If a book doesn't match up to expectations, this will never stop them trying something challenging again because the next one might be it

The Indulgent Reader

is a person for whom reading is sheer luxury. They might buy a book on impulse or hoard something special up as a treat. They want to read a book in exactly the right conditions; sitting in the afternoon sunshine having a lazy lie-in, soaking in a bubble bath, with enough privacy to enjoy it and sure of no interruptions. They may need something to go with the book; a glass of wine, chocs, a favourite piece of music. They could be reading anything, it is the circumstances and how they feel about the book, not what the book is. 


I think I am indeed a mixture of several of theses, and it also depends on the book I'm reading? Mainly I am a thrill seeker I think, fitting in with my favourite genres of horror and dystopian. Yes, I love to be taken to a different world and experience that roller coaster ride with the characters.  Sometimes I a probably a stressed out reader where I want 'home comforts' when I know what I'm gonna get in a book - but generally I love to be surprised in a book more than get comfort from it. I am also definitely an avid reader - yes I do feel naked without a book and on the other end, feel that I'm ok wherever I go as long as I have a good book with me. That's why commuting doesn't bother me, neither waiting at the doctors etc - all VIRT Very Important Reading Time (Have I just invented this???) 

I'm not so much a self-protective reader. I don't mind so much what I'm reading really and don't just insist on my favourite genre/author (though I do have that of course and would get all books from my fav author). Ambitious Reader? Not sure, I don't specifically seek challenging book. And the Indulgent reader? Well, wouldn't it be great if we could read all the time at our favourite setting - mine would probably be by the beach? But that's just not realistic for me and I'd rather read wherever. 

My dear bookish friends, what kind of reader are you are what do you think about this 'classification'?