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2 February 2014
The Sunday Post

This is is Meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and here are the rules.

It is your chance to re-cap your bookish week, what did your review last week, any new purchases, what will be coming up in your blog next week or generally anything you feel you would like to share with the blogging community.

So, What did I do last week?

I've had my book blog now for 1 months - can't believe how quickly time is flying. I've been blogging before, also about books, but at the beginning of 2014 I decided to focus purely on my love of books. So this is a little resume of my first 4 weeks.

I am generally still really overwhelmed by how much is out there in the book blogging world. I mean, everything really from bloggers to authors to book. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved books and loved nothing more than browsing my local Waterstones, but there is just so much more now to see and discover which I just enjoy enormously.

One of the best part has been the networking and 'meeting' so many likeminded people, I love it! 

Another surprising thing I've learned is that how many new books there are and new authors. Don't know how to say this, I knew of course that there are many out there who try to break in, also I didn't expect them to be this good. I don't mean to appear rude, but I was expecting maybe 'poorer' writing, bad editing etc. Maybe I was lucky so far, but honestly, all the books by new authors I've read for review so far were very good (certainly at a standard to be compared to established authors), and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. I've also realised that the time may come soon where I will have to say 'No more at this stage', I just seem to receive so many, but don't want to disappoint and of course, I do enjoy it. 

What did I found most difficult so far? No doubt, the technical aspect of it. I'm ok'ish with a computer, I mean I can happily browse the internet, do online research and cope with well-known programs. It took me about 2 days to set up a template (was well proud of myself at the end of it!), but now I struggle to go a bit more in-depth i.e. to change the font on my front page etc. Some things I don't understand, i.e. I write it up and than it appears differently when I post it (all jumbled sometimes?), my Google+ followers are not displayed? Ok, it's all rather minor stuff I suppose, and I know there are plenty online tutorials available for HTML and how to change fonts etc so I guess I will get there eventually with a bit of patience. 

My reviews last week

This is what I have received this week:

1. Jesse Giles Christansen Pelican Bay

2. Sara B Gauldin The Corporeal Pull

3. Khalid Patel Red

 4. Alex Carlisle Loving Heather
              5. D Bryant Simmons How to know a brave bird from her 

My plans for next week's blog


Sara Payne A Mother's Story (non-fiction, true crime)

 Stephen King Desperation

  Maria McCann As Meat Loves Salt

I've also ordered my books from the Richard and Judy Book Club (all 8 of them)!! and once they arrive, I will do a little feature on them before reading them of course! 

Have a wonderful week everyone! The Pegster