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10 February 2014

Secrets of Quick Decluttering, Selling and Organizing the Home Area: Essential Step by Step Methods to Clutter-free Lifestyle at Home & Earn Money through Selling Cluttered Items on eBay and Amazon
R. Kishore
(Kindle Edition)
Publication Date

This is a Freebie downloaded from Amazon UK (free at time of writing this review)

If you want to kickstart decluttering your home - you must have made that decision of course in actively wanting to do something about it - and just don't know where to start or feel to overwhelmed by the process, than you may want to give this little book a go. 

The book is not very large and you could almost skim-read it in an evening and after that, use it for reference. The author starts by telling us to sit down first and do a little bit of organisation - sort out what to keep, discard, sell. Makes sense. Different rooms and their speciality are being targeted i.e. the office and what to do with growing piles of paper, kitchen and food storage, clothing, the garage. 

For me, a lot of advice from the book was somewhat obvious i.e. keep similar items together and put them in one place, dirty laundry only in one place, seasonal clothing. Start in a small area and work your way around. The main purpose the book served for me was the give me 'a good kick in the backside' to get started.

A very useful section is covering 'how to sell your cluttered items on ebay and/or Amazon - I found this actually most helpful as I've never attempted it. If you are used to dealing with those sites it shouldn't be a problem though. The mantra seems to be 'what is one person's junk is another person's treasure'. One surprising effect the book had on me: when I went shopping after the reading the book, ever so often I thought twice 'Do I really need this or is it going to end up as to clutter the house more'.

While the book is certainly useful in parts, I don't think I would have paid more than £1 for it. As a freebie, it was ok.