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15 February 2014

The Corporeal Pull
Sara B. Gauldin

Publication Date
Jan. 2014
Paranormal Romance

This book is why I love being a book reviewer. The reason is that I don't think I would have picked this book up or downloaded as we tend to have certain perceptions of a genre and pass it by (especially if we don't have enough experience of it, we are not willing to give it a go).

This book's genre is 'Paranormal Romance'. Terra is a female guiding spirit who lives in The Tweens. The Tweens is not elaborately described, so you can leave it up to your imagination. Terra 's calling in the Tweens is to guide other entities who will enter earth and will be given a mortal body; that's what Terra has done for many thousands of years and for thousands of corporeal souls. Once in the human world, they still have free will, though Terra, who will be in charge of a certain number of mortals, guides them by what she receives from The One. Again, The One is not described in detail, but we get the impression that he/she is not unlike a supreme being, and whatever he/she is doing is for the good of all and towards a good goal. The mortals who live on earth are not aware of their previous existence in The Tweens whilst on earth. (So, you could be one now being guided by someone like Terra :) - I quite like that thought! Once their mortal body perishes, the return to 'The Tweens'. Again, nice thought! 

Than Terry gets a new 'charge': Liam. There is an immediate connection between the two, and a deep bond between them develops. But Terra knows that Liam's calling is to go to earth as a mortal, and she has to prepare him. But Terra fears for him, as there is nasty existence on earth called The Scrouge which effects mortals in a bad way. The One provides Terra with two options to send him to earth: either as a child born to a prostitute or as a child of a woman who is in a permanent coma. But that's not the only choice Terra will have to make. 

The book expanded my horizon and you have to be prepared to let your common perceptions of 'matter' and 'life as we know it' wander and think 'outside the box' i.e. planet earth and what else is there. It taps into the eternal question "Where do we come from?" "Why does this and that happen to me? and not to others?" Other reviewers have said that they found Terra a bit too cold/difficult to connect to, but I think we have to remember that she is not meant to be human and her feelings (or whatever to call it) will be different. I think the author executed this brilliantly, i.e. show us that we are dealing with a different entity who is confronting her own battles. The only thing I did struggle with were the 'fighting scenes' which is not fighting in the traditional sense (like punching etc.) I think you will have to get your head around it and use your imagination.

One thing which I like to mention are the descriptions of Liam's experiences of foster care (and I don't think that by revealing he went through the care system on planet earth I will give too much of the plot away). There was a deep sadness about it and I just wanted to give him a hug! It is actually a rather minor part in the book, but even so, it kind of touched me. 

The book is the start of new series and I can see that after finishing the book, there is a lot of possibility for further adventures in The Tweens and with their charges on earth. I think it is well worth giving this genre a try with this book, even if you don't normally read paranormal. 


Terra had never been remarkable. She served without question. She performed her function well, and was devout ad dedicated to her work. As a guide, Terra was ideal. Her experience encompassed thousands of years and tens of thousands of corporeal souls that she purposefully guided. Of course that does not tell much about Terra as a person, but to put it bluntly she was not a person. At least, she was not one in the traditional sense that anyone would be comfortable regarding. 
Terra loved her work. Guiding was the most purposeful, rewarding thing she could imagine doing. She could not possibly conceptualise loving anything more. Her eternity was certain, and she was content.

About the Author:


 of To Conspire, and the newly released novel, The Corporeal Pull! Occasional !

Note: book received by the author in return for an honest review.