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24 February 2014

This review is written by my 15-year old daughter Ruby Farooqi. Thanks Ruby. 

Guitar: A complete guide for absolute beginners
Ben Parker
Severest Inks
Publication Date
24 August 2013
Music guide

I'm taking music as a GCSE option in school, and almost everyone can play an instrument, but me! I know a lot about music already, and how to tune a guitar, and how to play a few songs, but I didn't know enough to actually play the guitar… Every module, we have to perform a solo, and I usually sing or play piano, but I don't actually get lessons on either, so I don't excel in either. And I always wanted to learn guitar, and have one to practice at home, but I could never get lessons, but because of the post 16 music students and the awesome guitar teacher, I learnt quite a bit, and my mum surprised me and got me an acoustic guitar for christmas and this book! Everyone I spoke to advised me to learn 3 or 4 chords, and then learn to switch between them quickly, to a strumming beat, and eventually you'll pick it up.

What I found very useful is at the back of the books there are 3 pages that have the major, minor and seventh chords! So I've mostly been looking at the chords and tried them on my guitar, then tried switching between them. I haven't really read the start of the book because it tells you how to tune the guitar, how to hold it, how to hold a pick/plectrum and use it, and well because of my knowledge, I already knew this stuff, but if you don't I recommend getting this book! Because it does start with the very basics, and gives you a few short music lessons and simple string exercises. After the book covers the basics, it goes on to show you how to put your knowledge to use, and it has the sheet music for simple sings like Twinkle Twinkle little star, and Mary had a little lamb :) These songs are obviously easy, but it gets you used to the fret board, and practises you to move your fingers quicker!