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11 May 2014

The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Motivation
Bill Rockwell

Publication Date
03 Jan 2013
non-fiction, nutrition

From Amazon: 
Are you tired of trying various diets and exercises to lose weight, but which just don’t seem to work? 
Do you always “fall off the horse” because you start getting discouraged and frustrated when you see no results? 
Well, if you said “yes” to any of the questions above, say goodbye to all those doubts, because this book will help you to find the answers. This book will keep you motivated from the moment you start your weight loss journey until you have lost all the pounds you wanted to lose, and will help you maintain your weight. Motivation is the key to success; be motivated and prevent yourself from “falling off the horse” and having to start over again as you follow this guide. 
This book offers things to avoid - such as fad diets - in order to lose weight effectively. Also, it will offer knowledge behind the common reasons behind weight gain and how to effectively counter it. Wrong perceptions only lead to failure; the valid and invalid reasons to lose weight will make you realize what matters most and why you really need to lose weight. 

My Review

The reason I bought this book is because it states 'guide to weight loss motivation' rather than another diet book. Let's face it - lots of us who are on diets have been on several ones, tried lots, have probably their favourite, some work, some don't for us. What we really do need is motivation to carry on. This book actually provides both.

The author looks at why different types of diet don't work that well or make it difficult for us to keep to, the causes as to why we falter how we try to cheat ourselves and what it takes - lots of sacrifice, dedication, discipline and determination. Further he identifies steps to help us and what hinders us. All of those can be applied to all diets and not just a specific one. As a bonus, the Kindle version also contains some healthy recipes and a short chapter on the Paelo Diet.

There were a few things which I did find puzzling and confusing though. For example, in Chapter 6.7. Avoid creamy sauces. That much we know. But it is than further said after that headline that 'recent studies have claimed that dairy products can in fact contribute to weight gain ….. Avoid or lessen your diary intake.'  That may be true also but not all diary is creamy sauces? Ok, maybe I'm being picky here -  excuse the pun. Maybe a bit more specific which diary is better and which one not so. 

Overall, there is a lot of very good information provided, and for me, it did mainly serve as motivation guide. I also liked that no specific diet is named as such (apart from the Paelo diet in the bonus chapter which the author sanctions.