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5 May 2014

Sven Weniger
Marco Polo Travel Publishing Ltd, Basingstoke
Publication Date
Travel Guide


From Amazon: 

Travel with Insider Tips to Lanzarote, the easternmost of the splendid Canary Islands that blend Spanish flair with African climate – this is one of Europe’s warmest destinations.

This guide will make getting around easy as you travel and explore using the best maps and insider tips for Lanzarote and discover all about its amazing history and help you spot the hundreds of different plants that make this island so unique.

Including lots of inside local knowledge for all the top attractions, museums and restaurants such as Hacha Grande, Cave of los Verdes, Playa Blanca and Timanfaya National Park.
- Top Highlights at a glance include Castillo De San José, La Geria, El Golfo and Salinas De Janubio
- 15 Marco Polo Insider Tips with detailed background information including where to get the truest island fashion, where to party by the sea and where you may sample a mirage like scene!
- Over 300 web links lead you directly to the Insider Tip websites
- Offline maps of Lanzarote with street index
- Google Map links aid speedy route planning
- Public transport maps with links to timetables
- 'The Perfect Day' and 'The Perfect Route' is the best way to get to know a destination intimately for those with limited time. Includes practical tips on how to beat queues, get the best view and much more from hitting the beach to climbing Mirador del Rio.
- The chapter 'Links, Blogs, Apps & More' provides easy access to even more information, videos and networks

Have fun from the moment you arrive in Lanzarote and make the most of those precious days off. Enjoy a hassle free trip, full of new experiences and adventures ranging from total relaxation to extreme activities. Having fun is what it’s all about - whether it is diving, taking a camel trip or visiting the museum of contemporary art.
Experience the sights and discover exceptional Lanzarote hotels, restaurants, trendy places, festivals, concerts, sports and activities.

Create your own personal Lanzarote itinerary by bookmarking the text and adding your own notes and browse the eBook in seconds with the handy full-text search facility!
My review:
Whenever I go on vacation, I always try to read up on my holiday destination beforehand - history, geography, culture etc. I know that a lot of this information is available online these days, so I've made a little ritual of reading a travel guide in the plane on the way there. Writing this review as I've returned from my holiday, I can tell you that the book is sitting here on my desk and still has the sand from the beach in the pages - so it definitely did get used out there!

The book I bought is the paperback - not the Kindle version.
What made me decide to buy the book was the fact that it had a map neatly tucked in the back page. The map is very good quality, and the plastic pouch strong so it won't break off after getting the map out a few times. Another positive is the size - smaller than A5 and not too big to carry around in your hand bag. 

As the book covers all of the island, there is naturally limited information and each individual resort, but there are a few recommendations in regards to where to stay, where to eat, what to see. Some of the information about our resort was out of date (the latest night clubs), but this is inevitable and what is in / out can change within a matter of weeks.

All in all, a good buy which will get you into the right mood for your vacation. If you are planning to rent a car or hike, the map is excellent and good value for money.