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31 August 2014
The Sunday Post

This is is Meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and here are the rules.

It is your chance to re-cap your bookish week, what did your review last week, any new purchases, what will be coming up in your blog next week or generally anything you feel you would like to share with the blogging community.

So, what did I do last month?

This is my first Sunday Post after quite a while.... So, here it goes. 

I did realise that blogging had taken over my life. Don't get me wrong, I do love it. I love reading, I love books, authors and one of my favourite - interacting with other bloggers. But I just did not get the balance right. Felt that in order to be successful, I will have to blog every day, have to take part in every meme etc. That would be fine if that was my full time job. Sadly, it isn't. Life continues, and a busy one as it is. But I don't want to give it up! So - here is me, but much reduced. I still blog, I still read and hopefully I can still interact with all of you. I just realised that this is my blog and I do it for me, so I'll post whenever I feel like it at the moment- sorry if this sounds a bit selfish arrgh. But that's how it is going to be. And you'll probably see me at the Sunday Post once a month. 

I've also had a fab vacation at my mum's and dad's place in Germany in August. Here is me with my favourite activity - yes, my Kindle. 

One thing a relaxing vacation does to me is to mull things over and make plans. I went to Berlin with my children to visit the Berlin Wall memorial. As some of you know, I grew up in East Germany behind the 'iron curtain'. My children loved this trip into history and asked me so many questions about the time. Yes, I was in Berlin the night the wall fell down. So I finally decided to write down my memories of my time in East Germany and when the wall fell for my children and in fact, anyone who might be interested in it. Not for self-publishing but happy to give to whomever wants to read it. I'm not really an author, have never written a book. But I always enjoyed writing, so I hope that I can do this. 

I am intending to us my other blog The Pegster - Writes for this little adventure. 

My 3 children and me 

 Remnants of the Berlin Wall at the Bernauer Strasse Memorial 

The Coroner's Officer

I will continue with my feature 'the Coroner's Officer' talking about my day job and hope you find it interesting.

Since my last Sunday Post, I have covered: 

7. The Coroner's Verdict and Prevention of Future Deaths
8. Murder and/or suspicious deaths

In the next few weeks, I will cover:

Road Traffic Collisions
Deaths at Work / Industrial Disease

Book reviews the blog last month:

Needful Things by Stephen King
Laying a Foundation (Love Under Construction Book 1) by Deanndra Hall
Not in the Flesh (Inspector Wexford) by Ruth Rendell
Tearing Down Walls (Lover Under Construction Book 2) by Deanndra Hall

And here is a book/author related article I picked up in the local News this week:

What?? Self-published author loses her job because she self-published an erotic novel. 

Finish / Start


Cats, Scarves and Liars by Kathryn White
(review to follow shortly)


Hollow Shotguns by Khalid Patel

Added to my stash

Received for review:

I'm especially thrilled about 2 cooking books I received in the post. thank you to the author Rinku Bjattacharya and Hippocrene Books Inc New York. Will post reviews as soon as I've cooked recipes from it!!

Bengali Five Spice Chronicles by Rinku Bhattacharya

Spices & Seasons: Simple, Sustainable Indian Flavours by Rinku Bhattacharya

also received for review:

What Passing Bells by Julian Moss

BioKill by Stuart Handley

TanDrex by Stuart Handley

Do I bother you at Night by Troy Ratliffe

And this I wanted to get for ages and when I've seen it on special offer on Kindle I had to hit the 1-click-buy option quicker than a flash ...

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

I am all so tempted to put all the review books away and start reading this straight away but I will be good and keep it so I can look forward to it :) 

Happy reading all

Peggy xx