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2 September 2014

Cats, Scarves and Liars
Kathryn White
Publication Date
April 2014
Novella, Paranormal


Meet Peppa Grove. Peppa is just your average Australian young woman, really. 23 years old, widowed and owner of a cat who can speak perfect English. (But no one will believe her about the cat.) Why is she being stalked by one of the customers from her job at the City South Post Office? What secrets does the mysterious Ivory Black know about Peppa and her past? What does he know about the strange murders that are happening all over Adelaide? And was it really necessary of him to steal her boyfriend's scarf? 

Cats, Scarves and Liars is a quirky, unlikely tale from a unique Australian writer. You'll laugh, you'll cry you'll discover the meaning of life. (Actually, we lied about that last part.)

My review:  

After the first paragraph, I knew I would love Peppa Grove, and had to read on. A bargain kettle from a market stall. Yep, that would be me, and who doesn't love a bargain. Peppa felt like a friend to me straight away. She chats to us in the first chapters, telling us about her young husband who died in a car accident, her job at the local post office (I loved that section and anyone who ever worked in customer service will have a good giggle), her best friend Julian. And she chats to her cat.

But do not let the cat in the title fool you - this is no cosy cat and her owner story, this has a lot more bite to it. Her cat is clearly talking to her. And, of course, whenever others are around he doesn't say a word. And things go missing. And she also finds other things in her house which she definitely didn't purchase. Good that she has her best friend Julian who helps her after the sudden death of her young husband. Than there is the mysterious Ivory Black who somehow always seems to happen to turn up wherever Peppa is and treats her rather strangely and is quite mean to her without any reason.

There is a paranormal element to this story which for me came quite unexpectedly here. But it's not one of those completely unbelievable plots and I think it fitted the story rather nicely. 

I do have a bit of problems with the character of Ivory Black. Without giving too much away... as often with characters who are not very pleasant, he is presented in way he sees himself. This did made a me a bit uncomfortable at times. 

This book is not very long, only 188 pages,  a quick read which will keep you interested.