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18 August 2014

Tearing Down Walls (Love Under Construction Series Book 2)
Deanndra Hall
Celtic Muse Publishing
Publication Date
October 2013
Erotic Romance

The book contains adult material and would only be suitable for persons over the age of 18. It also contains reference to BDMS.

Second full-length novel in the Love Under Construction series!

You're a successful businessman. A molten-blooded Italian hunk. And the newest, hottest, most in-demand service Dom/top in a 500-mile radius, with dozens of women falling at your feet. So, which woman? How do you choose?

That's easy - you pick the one who can't stand you.

And that's exactly what Vic has done. He's tried desperately to get the wrong woman out of his heart, and it looks like he may have succeeded. And just when he thinks everything in his life is falling into place, Cupid plays a nasty joke on him and he falls for the one woman who doesn't want to be anywhere near him, Somehow it isn't already bad enough that he has a secret keeping him from having a loving, long-term relationship; to make matters worse, if he wants to have a chance with the ice princess, he has to keep her alive long enough to tear down the walls she's built around herself.

Laura is as prickly as they get, but there's a reason. Her clothes hide a secret that she's sure would make any man run, and that secret is about to get her killed. The trauma she endured during her service to her country left her unable to feel any emotion or trust anyone, and the idea of ever letting a man touch her is out the window. When she returned home from Bosnia, her family shunned her and her harsh personality, so she's dealt with her demons alone and on her own for too long. But Laura didn't expect to meet a man who would promise to keep her safe and would die to keep that promise. That makes him a man worth trusting. And when her past wants to kill her to keep her quiet, can she open up to him before it's too late?

The second full-length novel in the Love Under Construction series, Tearing Down Walls is a fun, erotic, romantic, and suspenseful romp that takes you back into the world of the Walters family of Louisville, Kentucky. It features many characters over the age of 40 and contains too many steamy, hedonistic sex scenes to be suitable for anyone under 18 years of age. Step into the Walters' world and have some fun!

WARNING: This book contains BDSM activities, criminal violence, and coerced sexual acts. Not suitable for readers under 18. Reader discretion is advised.

My review:  
The good thing about books in a series is that you are firstly already know most of the characters and their background stories, so you don't have the first few chapters 'oh I wish I could understand what is going on here'. Also, you are already used to the authors writing style, and this gets you right back in into the story. My own view is that this book can stand-alone, though it is recommended that you do read the books in order and certainly read the prequel. 

All our favourite characters are back. This is book 2 in the Love under Construction Series, and the main focus of this book is the relationship developing relationship between Vic and Laura. Though the other characters from the Walters family like Tony, Nikki, Clayton, Brittany etc are all there, they are all mostly mentioned in passing and we don't learn anything new about them. had taken Laura in my heart from the prequel, so was really happy that this book focuses on her. Both Vic and Laura have had a lot to deal with in their lives which is slowly revealed in the book. And as the previous book in this series, again both the main characters Vic and Laura are in their 40's with life stories and life scars. I personally found the fact that Laura is overcoming her difficulties and how she overcomes them very encouraging. Might not be for everyone but it worked for her and I can actually imagining this as not too far removed from reality. Confusing? Well, give it a try - I don't want to reveal too much. 

This is an erotic story with a lot of detailing on sexual practices. BDSM also features extensively in this book. This is not something I knew anything about, and so for me, it was quite surprising, interesting and at times, really quite technical (without being unpleasant at all). If you would like to learn about this scene on a neural basis or are generally just curious, I can recommend this book as a very informative read. And again - finally an erotic book where the main players are not in their teens and twens. 

The cover is probably exactly like I would image Laura and Vic to look like, though (and this is a very personal thing!) I don't like men with moustaches so I'd probably rather imagine him without one.