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8 June 2014
The Sunday Post

This is is Meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and here are the rules.

It is your chance to re-cap your bookish week, what did your review last week, any new purchases, what will be coming up in your blog next week or generally anything you feel you would like to share with the blogging community.

So, what did I do last week?

Not a lot going on actually. It's getting warmer here, even though we still have a lot of rain. I'm not going very well with the gardening I have to say… snails eating all my plants and I've got a bit of a phobia about them and can't pick them yuck. Children are back in school now here in England and will have to keep going until mid July. My eldest (he is 20) now works full time and he was moaning about his 12 hour shifts (he works in a luxury department store). Ha ha, I just wish to say to him 'welcome to life'. 

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New feature: The Coroner's Officer

As promised, I've got a new feature on my blog to talk a little bit about my job as a Coroner's Officer every week - here is my post this week - mainly to give a advice to writers on the subject. This week was, as always very busy in the office and in court. On Friday we had a high profile case in our court which attracted a lot of media attention here in the UK. A premature baby  had died in hospital as it had been received contaminated feeding (the manufacturer of the feed is investigation how it got contaminated). Though the baby was premature and as such very susceptible to catching infections, this is of course not regarded as a natural cause of death. It is hard for the parents, as apart from the absolute heartache of losing a child, they have to cope with the media (The Coroner's Court is an open court and media can attend - tough not film in court.)

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Finish / Start

Reading-wise, not a very productive week. I'm still reading the same book I started last weekend (This is the House by Deborah Hill), a historical romance book. Love the book, but I think one of the issues this week was that I took the car to work a few times (not the train as I usually would) and that cuts down my reading-time dramatically. This is book 1 of The Kingsland Series, and I've got book 2 and 3 waiting. 

Around the Blogosphere and other bookish news:

Added to my stash

Received for review:

Fallen on Good Times by Rewan Tremethick

This is what I'm planning next week for my blog


This is the House by Deborah Hill (Kingsland Series book 1)

Language Learning:
German complete revision guide BBC Bite size

Thinner by Stephen King

Atonement by Ian McEwan

Memes / Features:

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