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8 June 2014

German Complete Revision Guide
Rachel Aukett
BBC Educational Publishing
Publication Date
language learning, revision guides

GCSE Bitesize revision uses television, the Internet and books to help the reader improve on his or her GCSE grade. This is one in the series of booklets designed to help the reader revise in small sections and practise important examination skills. The resources can be used together or separately.

My review

Not so much a review , but more of a recommendation. 

I have to say that I did not use this booklet for GCSE revision. However, I am trying to teach my children German (my mother tongue) and found this book ideal. It is easily divided into sections, and as always with language learning, starts of easy (greetings, family, alphabet) and gets more difficult. Every section has speaking and writing exercises, and grammar which, importantly, does not overwhelm. What made me go for this guide rather than others is the fact that the vocabulary learnt in every Section is repeated at the back of every chapter/section (rather than just having all the vocabulary at the back.) I found this best to refresh and learn all vocabulary.

This is not for beginners to learn the language, unless used, indeed, as a revision guide. It would also help if you have a speaker of the language at hand to help with pronunciations. 

As the book is aimed at GCSE students, there is plenty of colour coding and very clear boxes etc and my teenage children liked working with it and learned their basic vocabulary and grammar.