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16 March 2014
target="_blank">The Sunday Post

This is is Meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer and here are the rules.

It is your chance to re-cap your bookish week, what did your review last week, any new purchases, what will be coming up in your blog next week or generally anything you feel you would like to share with the blogging community.

HAPPY Birthday to my son Danial who is 20 today

Can't believe he is not a teenager any more! 

So, What did I do last week?

A very busy week at work… as I'd been off the week before, I was certainly paying for it this week with lots and lots of stuff left on my desk, and phone call after phone call from the bereaved families. I hardly ever got home before 7 in the evening *sigh*

It is still cold / freezing during the night (car windows need to be scraped off in the morning), but during the day it is usually very pleasant, and… it didn't rain for about 1 week now. Even though our daylight saving hasn't started yet her in England, it's still noticeable that the days are getting longer and boy, do I enjoy it. At least I don't leave the house and the dark and come back on the dark.

On the Blog last week


Memes / Features 

Around the Blogosphere

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Added to my stash this week

Received for review:

The Spanners Series Vol I This Changes everything  and Vol II This Changes My Live and My Family forever by Sally Ember 
(Sci-fi /Romance)

Downloaded for Free:
(please check before downloading to make sure it's still free) 

The Cat Manual by Michael Ray Taylor

Ta Da….
I'm taking part in my very first book blitz with Lola's Blog Tours

This Hometown Girl by Karen Rock 

His Hometown Girl banner

This is what I'm planning on the Blog for next week.


Sex in the Title by Zack Love

Stasiland by Anna Funder 

Four Past Midnight by Stephen King

Trace by Patricia Cornwall

Memes / Features:

 Journey into the Mystic by Jesse Giles Christiansen

This Week's Question:
How have your reading habits changed in the past few years? Did you get interested in a new genre? Do you read more? Less? Why do you think your habits changed, if they did.

  • How many of those famous books did you read? I'll tell you mine. 

Have a great week and happy reading my bookish friends.