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7 April 2015

Free Books for Kindle
Chris Graham

Publication Date
December 2011
Non-fiction, Information

Description (from Amazon)

Everyone loves a freebie. And Kindle readers, like me and you, are no different. The great news is that there are hundreds of thousands of free books for your Kindle out there. Unfortunately the ebook revolution has spawned an avalanche of sites and other resources. Worse yet – some of the best of them are often beyond the reach of even the most seasoned Google searcher.

In my quest for the best Kindle free books – I've checked through hundreds of sites so that I could bring the best of them to you.

So save your brain some strain, save time and cash with my handy guide to free books for your Kindle: Great books to download at a radical price!

The book includes:

Ebook formats explained
How to find around a million free books
Some tips for finding free music and audio books
Guide to transferring them to your Kindle
Storing your free Kindle downloads
How to share Kindle books with friends and family.
Your Kindle and the web

My Review

This book was on 99p so I decided to get it, and I'm glad I did. I find the information contained within very useful, starting with an explanation of the different Ebooks format. I have to say that I am not that tech savvie (though I am good at general browsing etc).

The information about the websites which do provide Free books is very clear and organised. What I liked most was that it clearly states differences between US and UK sites (law etc), and even provides a few German, French and Dutch sites. Quite often, when purchasing books as such, it only covers the US market and could be pretty useless for someone in the UK, but not this one. 

1 star less because I have realised that the book is from 2012, and therefore not all websites may still be current.