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6 April 2015

Dreampire (Watchers of the Night 4)
Matthew Keith
Publication Date
July 2014
Young Adult

Description (from Amazon)

For Trevor Pine, everything is going great. He's graduated high school, started at a local college, and moved in with the perfect girl. 

Until the night he delivers pizza to the chemical lab where his best friend works. 

Trevor is tricked into drinking an untested formula, one that gives him unexpected and terrifying abilities. Confused, afraid, and unable to control his new powers, Trevor goes on the run from those who would use him for his abilities, and from the police who believe he is a murderer. 

And the worst part for Trevor is, he's guilty.

My review

I read the first Watchers book and loved the idea behind it. This series deserves much more exposure in my opinion. I have now read book 4  and was perfectly able to pick up from there without having read book 2 and 3. And it reminded me how much I loved this series and that I should now read the others too. 

What I like is that the characters are ordinary people who have this special power of being able to walk to certain places in their sleep, in a way they are fully awake and are able to, for example, overhear conversations. Their physical body sleeps in the meantime. One cannot become and learn to be like this, but is simply born that way. This is where book 4 comes in where the evil scientist is trying to create a formula to make people so they are able to do this. 

Most of the characters are young adults, and that is probably the target audience, but I am a middle aged woman and enjoyed the book enormously. the writing style is very easy to get into (no overcomplicated sentences) and the story flows perfectly. I read this book in a few days and one thing which I really liked is that the beginning is not slow to get into, but you are almost straight in there no complicated people and idea set-ups to get your head around. The ending was also satisfying and leaves a lot more scope for further stories in this series.