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23 March 2015

Stuart Handley
Stuart Handley
Publication Date
March 2014

Book Description (from goodreads) 

A Matt Lilburn thriller novel
Take a man and clone him—now you have an exact copy to live then die. Take a carbon eating atom and let it replicate itself over and over for eternity—then you have a problem. The code for replication, this God technology, has been discovered and is up for sale. Matt Lilburn locks forces against a corrupt U.S governor, the governor’s son and the Chinese triads. A raw boned soldier of justice fighting for his life against greed, power and corruption.

My review

I did read a book in this series (Matt Lilburn Thriller) before (BioKill), and I now think I should have read this one first. They are stand-alone, but I still feel TanDrex introduces us to our hero Matt Lilburn with quite a bit of his background story which I was missing in BioKill. Don't get me wrong, you can still read BioKill without any problems, but my advice would be to read TanDrex first. 

Matt and his younger brother Duncan have been in boarding school ever since a car accident killed both their parents. Matt protects Duncan from bullies all through their school years and makes enemies. And Duncan did not even tell him the worst of it. Forward to the future, and Matt is now a government agent and Duncan a successful scientist, working on a technology which could give those who hold it the greatest power. I did not always understand what exactly this technology would give one - I am not very technical, but this did not have great bearing on me understanding the story. In any event,  with such a valuable technology, people are after it and old enemies of Matt and Duncan re-surface. And there are traitors, people they thought are close to them. But at the same time, their is also great friendship and Matt's colleagues who pull together.

Matt also has a love-interest here and I liked the fact that, rather than just someone he meets during his work as a almost casual relationship, Maria is unconnected to his work and she gives him something to look forward to away from work - someone to come home to. 

With just over 200 pages, this is a quick story; you could easily read it in 2 days. It is fast-paced and there is always something going on. It is never boring and the story moves forward. At the end, I was reeling for Matt and Maria, hoping they will all make it.

As this is a series, I can see how other characters from the story can be developed further and maybe have a story and/or main plot line dedicated to them. My favourite for this would be Matt's teammate Scrat - I like a strong and gutsy woman. I would definitely read this.

About the author

Stuart Handley has lived in New Zealand most of his life except for a tour of duty with the military based in South East Asia and later living in Australia with his wife and daughter. A soldier, a farmer, a horseman with a famous Clydesdale team, an inspector with the R.S.P.C.A, a property valuer, Stuart has a life full of rich experiences culminating as a full time author.