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8 March 2015


Stuart Handley
Publication Date
March 2014
Thriller Novel

Blurb (taken from Goodreads

A Matt Lilburn thriller novel
'The van lurched upwards as it traveled over the body; a speed bump in the road of death…'
Terrorism can take many forms. An extreme Islamist group has a virus that can cripple a country economically and America is their target. When that virus reaches American soil the time bomb is ticking. From the Gaza Strip, Syria, England and America, blood is let and tears will be shed. Sometimes—you just don’t know who your enemies are.

My review

A very current topic here in this enjoyable little read. Sadly, terrorism is at the forefront of every single news report every single day nowadays. The topic of this book are terrorists who try to smuggle a virus into the United States which would infect livestock and would eventually have a devastating economic effect. 

For me, the book appeared very well researched and it was completely believable (quite scary actually). I am not usually the biggest fan of spy / secret service books, but I did enjoy this. It was a quick read, with only 255 pages. This means that I sometimes missed a bit more of an 'in depth' story, but with a shorter book, obviously the story has to move on quickly. I also feel the book is plot rather than character driven. This is ideal if you need action in a book and are easily bored with lengthy background stories. There is always something happening here, and there a few twists which did came unexpected for me. One thing stuck in my mind - when the terrorists realised that maybe not all is as they had been promised by those brainwashing them. Again, very current and eye-opening.

Matt Lilburn is a very likeable hero. What I particularly liked was that he certainly was not 'over the top' but I could very well imagine him being a normal guy as well as a Home Security Agent chasing terrorists. I would certainly like to read about Matt again. 

I did not find the book on Amazon, and will post review on Goodreads and my Blog only. 

This book was provided to me by the author in return for an honest review.

About the author

Stuart Handley has lived in New Zealand most of his life except for a tour of duty with the military based in South East Asia and later living in Australia with his wife and daughter. A soldier, a farmer, a horseman with a famous Clydesdale team, an inspector with the R.S.P.C.A, a property valuer, Stuart has a life full of rich experiences culminating as a full time author.