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20 May 2014

This is a Meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish
Lists and books/Bloggers just go together, don't they? I certainly do like lists of all kinds. On this Meme, we can post our Top Ten of whatever topic is chose that week, please see here for a preview of the coming weeks. 

This week:

Books about Friendship
(links will take you to Amazon where appropriate)

Here is my choice:

  1. The Body by Stephen King 
(published in the book Different Seasons and famously made into the movie Stand by Me)
For me, the ultimate book about growing up and friendship!
Famous quote:

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12 - Jesus, did you?"

These students are up to no good! Excellent book on a very different kind of friendship between a group of College Students and their enigmatic professor.

The ultimate weepy girls! The friendship of two woman over a lifetime. 

Friendship in Kabul between two young boys growing up in the war-torn country. Heartbreaking.

Sorry for throwing in another SK book - can you tell I'm a fan? Sci-Fi alien/UFO story but what stands out for me is the friendship of the four boys, and especially 'Duddies' who has Down's Syndrome and steals the show here.

For a bit of variety, here is a classic for you to show that friendship in books have been going strong for a long time. 

A Book I read recently - sex, yes, but mostly also about male friendship in NYC.

Men's best friend - canine.

Another one for the girls about friendship, and knitting. Different women all meet in a Friday Night Knitting Club in a yarn shop, all have their stories - wonderfully told. Tissues ready again!!

Looks like rabbit culture is not so much different from us humans.