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19 May 2014

Walk It Off
Emily Stanford
Publication Date

Sport, Lifestyle

Product Description from Amazon

Who Else Wants To Lose Weight Walking and Keep It Off Forever -- Without Dieting? Forget joining a gym and wasting your money. Stop to ponder before you sign up for raquetball, beach volleyball, or even baseball. And if you think you need to run, or at the very least -- jog -- think again. Running and jogging are tough on the joints. It is crucial that you exercise regularly. But you don't need any sports, athletic facilities, or fancy (and expensive) equipment. You can forget about all of that stuff to still lose weight surely and systematically over time. 
All you need to do is start walking -- the right way -- and do it every day. Do this and you can forget about those ridiculous diets forever. If you're like me, it seems like you've tried them all, but you have little or nothing to show for your efforts -- at least not over the long term. Fortunately, there IS a better way. Walking to lose weight is the simple answer. It's been there all along. But like a lot of things in life, we tend to take walking for granted. And most people just don't realize how effective walking can be for anyone who is fed up with diets yet wants to lose weight finally and forever. 
Walking is the easiest, cheapest and most convenient form of exercise there is. Once we learn how to walk, we never forget it. But it seems that with each generation, we walk even less than the previous one. It's easy to overlook the value of walking as we strive to save time and maximize comfort levels. But the result is that many of us are overweight today. There's a simple solution to weight loss -- walking. And that's what I share with you in WALK IT OFF: Walking To Lose Weight - Simple Tips and Techniques to Lose Weight Walking and Keep It Off For Good - Without Dieting 
Losing weight doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't have to hurt. And it should never ever leave you feeling deprived. Walking is easy -- and it works. If you're looking for a realistic and simple activity that can help you lose weight -- walking is your answer -- and this short book will tell you all you need to know. Are you ready to have the body you always wanted? If so, Pick up your Kindle edition of WALK IT OFF: Walking To Lose Weight -- Simple Tips and Techniques To Melt Away Fat and Keep It Off For Good – Without Dieting TODAY!

My Review

This is quite a small book (43 pages) and can be read in an hour or so. I got this as a Freebie on Amazon, so couldn't really go wrong here. 

The book is aimed at the amateur who is thinking of taking up walking as a hobby / as an aid to weight loss. The following is covered:
  • why choose walking
  • calories / lets look at the numbers
  • how to loose even more calories
  • techniques and right postures
  • set goals
  • track your progress
  • how to start and finish your walk
While a lot of it is common sense, I think this book can serve as a great starting point and motivation to get you up and going and keep at it. It provides us with the basics and I did find the information about calories and techniques / postures most interesting. I picked up some very good tips, i.e. plan your route and fruit is a good thing to eat before and after. Most important is to develop a routine. At the end, you can read all the books you want, but you have to keep at it. 

One thing I would disagree though, and this is with the claim in the product description that you can lose weight by walking without diet. Whilst this is probably strictly speaking true, I think it is important to point out that a sensible diet is also required. It is mentioned within the book, just not in the product description and I think this is actually wrong.