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23 July 2014

Laying a Foundation (Love Under Construction Series)
Deanndra Hall
North Road Publishing
Publication Date
March 2014 (and ed)
Erotic Romance
The book contains adult material and would only be suitable for persons over the age of 18

Tony is a successful businessman whose personal life has been almost unbearable thanks to his crazy ex-wife. Nikki lost her husband and children in a tragic accident and barely has a life. It looks like there's a "happily ever after" on the horizon - until an ecoterrorism group with a personal bone to pick threatens everything.

First full-length installment in the Love Under Construction Series, now including the introductory volume, The Groundbreaking. Tony Walters operates a successful construction company in Louisville, Kentucky; he's anything but successful in his personal life, thanks to a mean-spirited, mentally ill ex-wife. Nikki Wilkes has lived for five years with almost no life, thanks to a drunken driver's mistake that took her husband and children from her. It seems the universe has aligned to make sure they meet, and their shy and sweet attempts to build a relationship blossom just as an ecoterrorism group begins to threaten the construction business. But as time goes by, it becomes clear that the threat is directed personally at Tony, and as the group's efforts escalate, it looks like answered prayers for a special someone in their lives might morph into not having a prayer for a "happily ever after." Through it all, family and friends stand by them and add to the madness, mayhem, and hilarity, while the bedroom smokes with enough scorching, crazy, adventurous sex to set everything on fire.

The main characters are all over the age of thirty-five, and most are well over forty. A fun, mature, erotic romp with enough suspense and danger to leave the breathless. Not a stand-alone; the four novels are designed to be read in order for greatest enjoyment. It'll make you say, "I didn't see that coming!" more than once and leave you smiling!

My Review

Tony and Nikki Are the main characters and most of the action is played out between those two. It’s certainly easy to get into the story. Both have an interesting background story, and initially it’s all about how these two meet and get together. I though: ‘yes, finally!’ when it did happen, yes, I was rooting for them. The story with Tony’s deranged ex-wife and the problems experienced with the ‘Eco Group’ will keep you interested rather than just reading about the budding relationship between Tony and Nikki. And I wanted to continue reading to see the conclusion to their troubles. It is easy reading. The bedroom action of Tony and Nikki is described in detail, so careful if you don’t enjoy this. But my guess is if you don’t like erotica you wouldn’t have picked up this book. The erotic writing is certainly very good (in my humble opinion) without slipping into the unpleasant and embarrassing (easily done with erotic writing). I do read mainly on the train commute though, and it was not the right reading for the train journey I have to say. But that’s a personal one for me and I did enjoy reading the book at home.

What I loved about this story is that the main players are in their 40's and 50's. Yes, even if you are over the age of 25 you can have great sex with all the trimmings. By this stage in their life, most of us have had a big amount of good, very good, bad and very bad experiences and the author certainly shows this. And also, no matter how devastating your experiences might have been - death, trauma - there is a chance for all of us. Is it always realistic? No idea, but this is fiction, and it is meant to make us feel good. 

I have read the Prequel and Part 1 of the Series so far. The prequel is supposed to introduce the main characters and it certainly does so. However, I think that this information could have been incorporated into Book 1 easily? Certainly, all the characters have their own background story (and let's face it, who of us doesn't), they are not that complicated so that a reader won't understand them if woven into the story. We get to know the main characters pretty quickly, and some of the others do have, in my opinion, a too minor part in order to fully needing to understand their background. Having said that, the same time, it is nice to have an extra 'book' to refer back too to see 'who was that again? The Prequel is now also available together with Book 1, and I think that was a wise idea.