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4 April 2014

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted Coffee Addicted Writer. 
Every week a different question is posted for you to answer. Come in and join us.
This is how it works:

1. Answer the question on your blog
2. Go to Coffee Addicted Writer and put your link to your post on the Linky list.
3. Now have a look at the other blogs who have posted their links. Maybe comment on their answers (on their blogs), spend some time on their blogs and maybe join / become a member.

Perfect way really to get to know other bloggers :) I love this meme because it is so simple.

Here is today's question:
To you, what qualifies a book as good or bad? Are some books objectively better than others, or is it purely a matter of opinion?(submitted by Zeb)

My anwer: 

One part of me thinks: yes, this is purely objective and everyone has different tastes, someone may not like romance or fantasy whereas others devour those books. However, aren't we just talking about different genres here? I think we all know that there are some books which are simply not very well written… I mean, they could do with some more editing maybe? 

Still, I think its rare that a book is all 'bad' from beginning to end, in fact I don't think I have experienced this. (Have I just been lucky here?) There are, of course, things which I don't like in a book. For example, in a recent book I didn't like the names given to all the characters (they were all very fancy/posh and didn't fit the story which was a chick-lit) The book was still very entertaining. I wouldn't call a book just simply good or bad I think, because there is so much more to it. Good or bad…characters, story, language.