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28 July 2015

The Severest Inks Shorts
Several authors
Severest Inks
Publication Date
May 2015
short stories

Description (from Amazon)

The Severest Inks Shorts collects eight stories from some of the boldest new writers on the scene today. Melding unflinching themes with innovative narratives, these works confront the rawest elements of the human condition through the potent short story form. This anthology comes loaded with bonus material, including commentaries, special monochrome editions of original cover art and transcripts.


Red by Khalid Patel
Dr Craine’s Body by Khalid Patel
Further South by Eryk Pruitt
June in July by Hunter Heath
Mesa Boys by Matt Phillips
Georgia Rouge by Lucy Black
The Exchange by Charmaine Pauls
Grand Finale by Charmaine Pauls

My thoughts

The Severest Inks Shorts compilation of stories offers a great variety: from dark city fables to a pathologist in the mortuary, and this is what I liked so much here – the variety of it.

Each story fitted neatly into my morning commute, and it was easy to get into – something I sometimes find a challenge when reading a compilation of short stories when you have to constantly transport yourself into a different setting. All stories captured me from the beginning, kept my interest and still made sense.

I would also like to draw the attention to the original artwork on the cover of the stories which definitely caught my eye. I also really enjoyed the extra chapters at the end of the book where the authors tell us a bit about themselves and how their particular story came about.

I am sure, like me, the reader will have a favourite story after reading the compilation. We have all different tastes, and this book caters for quite a few without being too wide in range and extremes (i.e. soppy romance and hard-core horror).  I had read 2 of the included stories before as ‘singles’ and enjoyed them, and was glad to read this book. And, at the end, it is also good value for money, as you get 8 stories in book.