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8 December 2014

Fifty Shades Darker
E L James
Cornerstone Digital
Publication Date
May 2012
Romance, Erotica


Daunted by the dark secrets of the tormented young entrepreneur Christian GreyAna Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a US publishing house. 
But desire for Grey still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, she cannot resist. Soon she is learning more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven and demanding Fifty Shades than she ever thought possible. 
But while Grey wrestles with his inner demons, Ana must make the most important decision of her life. And it's a decision she can only make on her own ...

My review:  

So, I'm back for more on the Fifty Shades. After reading the 1st book on holiday, I took the 2nd book in this trilogy with me on my visit to my mum's.

Luckily, it's easy to pick up where we left with Ana and Christian. And I probably won't spoil too much of the story for you readers who haven't gotten round to book 2 yet if I tell you that Ana decides she can't do without Christian and is back with him. (after all, there is a book 3!!). 

Again, this was an easy and quick read, but unfortunately, I did find that book 2 did get a bit more tedious. It was a bit same old, same old, and the intimate scenes were always the same, apart from the last few chapters. There wasn't enough to keep me interested I think. Fans of the books have told me that book 2 does get much more interesting and the story really picks up, but I have to say I do not agree. And even worse, I found that I really stopped caring for Ana halfway through. So, she's got her millionaire with issues ... poor Ana eh? Maybe I wanted to know more about Christian than just the fact that he was abused as a child and grew up with a crack whore mum.  It was all a bit too obvious. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't think it is a 'bad story' as such - a simple romance/erotic story for sure - but just not over 2 / 3 books and over 500 pages each. Saying all this, the book provided me with an entertaining read on my holiday. 

I would also say - again - that I do not think the erotic content is too explicit. I have read much more explicit and especially in erotic books which feature S&M. In fact, in my opinion, the author has got the extent of explicity just right for this kind of romance / erotic story. So if you are a fan of the series, you would have read Book 2 in any event. Otherwise, start with book 1, don't expect too much of a in-depth story or very explicit content and simply enjoy this love story poor student finds millionaire.

About the author:  
E L James is a former TV executive, wife and mother of two based in West London. Since early childhood she dreamed of writing stories that readers would fall in love with, but put those dreams on hold to focus on her family and career. She finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with her first novel Fifty Shades of Grey.