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1 November 2014

You read the book - now go out and watch the movie!

I couldn't wait for this movie. I absolutely loved the book. Here is my review of the book. I even liked the ending of the book (I know lots of reviewers didn't).

It is difficult to review the film without giving away major plot lines. Simple enough story. Amy and Nick are a young couple who both lose their jobs in the recession in New York and move to Missouri. It is the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary and Amy goes missing. What follows is the search for Amy and Nick slowly becoming a suspect. Things don't add up for him. But all is not what it seems here. In the words of Nick's defence attorney Tanner Bolt (and I paraphrase here because I can't find the exact quote...): "I have seem some messed up people in my career, but boy, you two are something...".

Honestly, even though I was looking forward to the movie, I was also a bit hesitant. Mainly because I am always disappointed when I read a book and than watch the movie. It usually just doesn't compare. And for the first 1/2 hour of the movie, I almost prepared myself to be disappointed. I mean, I knew the story - importantly knew the twists - so could I enjoy the movie. But than it happened - the movie really took me in and I almost forgot that I knew what was going to happen. 

Both Rosemunde Pike as Amy and Ben Affleck as Nick are doing a great job and are very believable. In fact, the became Amy and Nick for me. 

What was slightly missing for me was the extent that Amy's parents are also very very messed up. And I personally felt that Margo (Nick's sister) was given a bit too much time? But no big deal. 

Honstley? This is one of the best book to movie adaptations I have seen in a long time. If you haven't seen it yet, go now. I can't wait until it is on Netflix. 

Peggy xx