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7 April 2014

Medical Dictionary English-German
Peter Reuter, Christine Reuter
Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart, Germany
Publication Date

Dictionary, Languages, Medical

This review is mainly aimed at my fellow medical translators (I'm Freelance). 

This is the most comprehensive medical dictionary I have found and to be honest, I don't think I could do any medical translation without it. I have found even the most obscure medical conditions. It is published in Germany, but can be easily ordered on relevant book buying sides here in the UK. Contents and Guide to the Dictionary are both in English and German. 

The downside is the prize…. £about 90 for 1 (and you will need both the German-English and the English-German. I bought both mine from Amazon as 2nd hand copies, and both were in excellent condition and had not a mark on them (for approx £35 each) - maybe I was just lucky. 

Luckily, medical terminology hardly changes over time, in fact many of the words do, of course, still originate from Latin. New words are being added, but it does mean that even a dictionary from 1995 (as my copy is) serves me very well and I see no reason to get an updated one at this stage. As a medical translator, this dictionary is a must and an essential investment.